By WharfedaleBex

Pink brocken

I thought I could see a billow of fog towards Ilkley when I opened the blinds.  It's hard to judge from home but we scooted off in minus four degrees to take a look.  

The fog had turned pink in the sunrise and it looked like there should be a spectre at every turn.  Nothing is ever guaranteed!  You'd definitely have missed it if you didn't know what you were looking for. I've added an extra in mono because it picks out the brocken spectre much better a bit higher up but it was barely there in reality.

As fast as we went up the moors (which was faster once my YakTrax were installed), the fog followed right behind and, by the time we'd had a few moments of sunshine at the stone circle, we were soon heading down into a very cold fog.  My left nostril felt like it had frozen and my fingers seemed to have permanent hot aches.  

I'm keeping a close eye on Little Dog as she's done quite a lot of walking recently but is showing no signs of slowing down.  She much prefers the cold but I added her coat today.

A turbo session with two visits from a nuthatch kept me pedalling.  I watched Simon King in a snippet about photographing nature where he explained that he does a unique silly sound when he's filming over a long period so the animals know for sure it's him.  The goldfinches and blackbirds seem to to be used to my Zwift "I'm toast" call so I'm hoping the nuthatch feels the same way.

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