By LincolnWarrior

Welcome Home !

Todays message I received just before I left work was that mum was going to be allowed home . About 40 minutes after I got home my sister then sent me a text to say she was home and that Mum would like me to pop down  so long as i was happy to to a social distance visit. So of course I drove down to say welcome home from across the other side of her living room. So good to see her and she told me that she was aching all over but was pleased to be able to relax in the comfort of her own chair and bed and familiar surroundings. A bit of a catch up on how things had gone she was very lucky as if it had been left a few more days I wouldn't have been sat with her. My sister and myself  have told her next time she is having problems to speak up sooner. 
As I left I decided a shot of her new doormat with a bit of added photo editing .not the most exciting of shots but a special shot.
Back home myself via the chip shop for a relaxing evening with some Tv viewing which will include some of the 2nd series of Bulletproof  on sky .

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