Teaching Dinosaur

Okay, I've only been teaching 14 years, maybe 15, but it's easy to think you're getting behind the times with teaching.

Pace, no pace, talking, no talking, 70% this, 30% that, independent learning, group learning, moving towards outstanding, closing the gap, unpicking the data, drilling down, engagement, 3 part lesson, 5 part lesson. Feedback, peer feedback, self assessment.

The basics are still the same though, hopefully. Love what you do and enjoy teaching the pupils.

I had to fit the blip to the dinosaur hence off on this tangent. Otherwise I'd be writing about cycling and how I really, really, really should adjust my gears so I can use both chain rings at the front.

Last night's sleep was in the top 50 worst that I can remember. Too much tea, skittles, chicken for dinner, malarone tablets?.... Who knows?!

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