I didn't want to walk far so opted for a stroll round the block, which took us through the park, where sledging was in full swing.

We stood and watched a while, reminiscing about our own childhood sledging - mine was on one my father made for my brothers and me, we called it 'The Tank' as it was so heavy, unlike the thin streamlined plastic models of today, and we had a brook at the bottom of the slope, which was most unpleasant at the end of the most successful run - whereas this park has no such peril.

Our own children did not sledge here but, as we lived further down, made a run down the steps behind Swan Spring Avenue (towards the Cistern House) and, when older, up on the Braids. Indeed, they had far more options than did I in rural Leicestershire.

We walked up the wooded section by Cockmylane as far as White Lady Walk back to the park, then, skirting the sledgers, returned home.

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