By strawhouse

Breakfast Bap

After getting the message from Miss L’s school yesterday I felt all weird and light headed.
Coronavirus or stress?
The room was spinning last night and - more worryingly - I had no appetite and the sight of all the Christmas food turned my stomach so I got an early night.
Possibly a bit too early as I woke up at 4.30am, still felt weird with a banging headache.
All I could think was about everything I needed to get done before being knocked for six by COVID. The food, the presents, the logistics of Christmas with me isolated upstairs. I’m such a hypochondriac!!!!
Mr K bought me a restorative bacon and egg bap at lunchtime and a cup of tea.
I felt much better after that!
I watched a couple of episodes of Us on my laptop and then rejoined the land of the living downstairs.
Miss L is thankfully not too worried about the close contact news. We played it down a bit, saying it was just a precaution and it was only a few more days. I thought it best not to tell her I was counting the seconds until Sunday!
The child in her class who tested positive is asymptomatic which is a relief.
Well a relief that he’s not poorly but not good for my wild imagination which tells me that all the kids in the class probably had it, are all asymptomatic and now we’re all riddled with it and will come down with it any second now......
I think I’ll be needing some more bacon and egg baps. Build up my strength!!!
Mr Tesco’s bought the Christmas order round tonight. We got everything we’d ordered, yay!! We had been expecting it between 8-9pm but at 5pm we had a message to say he was running late and was now expecting to get to us between 8-10.45pm. All the main roads in and around Buckingham are flooded and it’s causing chaos.
He actually came just after 8pm which was a relief.
Loads of poor people have been flooded in town as the River Great Ouse has burst its banks and several drains have overflowed too.
Two days before Christmas.
2020 really is the year which keeps on giving.

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