Redundant feed hopper

Love a bit of rust & corrosion, not so keen on the brambles.
I spotted this hopper a couple of weeks back, a suitable subject for Derelict Sunday but come  Sunday the weather was horrid so I did'nt get to snap it. Earlier this week I did another morning walk, no rain, & carrying my camera. Blip sorted.
A very foggy start to the day, the sun trying to break through as I returned from my walk with Indie. She was very attentive this morning. I certainly did'nt want a repeat of yesterdays fiasco. Had coffee with Mum, then her brother telephoned, he can talk the hind leg off a donkey so I plonked a chair down for Mum to sit, & waved goodbye.
Back home, I cleaned out the bird feeders & topped them up with assorted tit bits. Today was the first time I'd spotted so many blue tits in the garden so must be doing something right.
Sunday crossword, lunch, then sort a bit more of my artwork out. Just been messaging Thai friends back in Nai Phlao & Koh Samui. Apparently no Covid cases on the island, which is great news but unfortunately no tourists either. Meaw had her own hairdressing/beauty salon in Nai Phlao. She always cut my hair, did the most amazing head massage while shampooing .. then if I was feeling really flush, I'd have a manicure & pedicure. Total cost 150bht which when we were there equated to £3 . Now you can tell why I would'nt ever pay local hairdressing fees. Which reminds me, my hairdresser here obviously can't come to Mum's to cut our hair for the time being so I shall have to take the scissors to mine this week, Mum wants a trim too.
Time to prep the meat & veg for dinner tonight ..

Thank you all for your kind *'s & comments. Some days are better than others, so far so good, today.

Stay safe blippers x

Thanks to Marlieske  for continuing to host Derelict Sunday

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