Drum Table

Yep!  I was at OGH again this morning.  This time it was for a really good reason.  Met with our consulting architect to talk about possible Heritage Grants.  Very worthwhile.

While I was there .... of course, I stayed on for a while to do "stuff".  Did a bit of watering. Took a photo of this drum table for our records.  It's our  latest donation.  I don't think it's reproduction; the people who donated it said it was authentic, and it's in beautiful condition.

We had two filing cabinets given to us by the Department, and they were delivered on Friday - but left outside.  So I, that is me, by myself, personally, moved them inside, using a sack-truck.  By golly they were heavy.

Glad to be home again in the cool - very hot northerly blowing outside.  Nasty day.

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