There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

The Cookie That Was Three Tigers Big!

My mom tested positive for Covid and then fell and broke her hip just before Christmas. So she was in the hospital and my dad was in quarantine for the holidays. We did not have our traditional face-to-face gathering, but we did meet on Zoom on Christmas eve.

My mom is in rehab now, and she has good days and bad days. She knows she has work to do before she can go home. She has been Zooming with my dad on a regular basis, but after 70 years of marriage, it is very difficult for them to be apart. We cannot visit my mom yet, but my dad is out of quarantine now, so we decided we are going to visit him on Monday afternoon.

I usually make chocolate chip cookies for my family at Christmas, and I decided the tradition would NOT be stopped. Oh yes, it might be delayed just a bit, but Christmas is still here in my heart, waiting to be celebrated!

So on this day, I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies. I have three el-cheapo dollar store cookie pans. One of them, in worse shape than the others, is kinda bendy in spots now. And so when I made my cookies on that sheet, they sort of ran together. I ended up with one double and one triple cookie, as a result.

In this photo, T. Tiger surveys the cookie that was three tigers big! Yes, of course, we are talking about very LITTLE tigers, but still. . . . And as we sat there, wondering what to do with the odd cookie, my husband walked into the room, asked, "What's wrong with this one?" And ate it. Just like that! Problem solved. Way to take one for the team!!!

The soundtrack song for this extra-big cookie is Peter Gabriel, with Big Time.

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