One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The poipes, the poipes, are ca-alling

me to the other side of the Repair Factory. 
The far side, I'm afraid. That was my big effort of the day, walking all the way to the far far side, in my little tan brogues and light summer suit, in the drizzle. 
It gave me an opportunity to check the new children's hospital up close. Impressive. The state of the art hole in the ground has turned into a state of the art scaffolding decorating a few floors of bare concrete and reinforced steel columns. It looks like in a few decades' time we shall indeed have a state of the art children's hospital (not for the children of today, but their children more likely, or their children's children, definitely). 
I was on site today for something that did not happen but got postponed. 
Until then I shall continue to live in fear of No-Chat-Pat breathing in my direction. Come to think of it, I was already afraid of that. In the days before the covid-19-20-21 thingy. 
Something to do with stale Guinness from the night before not being fully camouflaged by the emergency breakfast roll of the morning after. 

PS: mind the bump (thank you, minuscule warning sign usually seen as one's head hits the roof of the car when hitting the asphalt-colour speed ramp) 

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