Rule of Three

Crow, crow, crow with sand, sea, sky. (Okay, I might have cropped a lot of sky off, but it's still just there)

I did three things today:
1. I went food shopping
2. I went for a walk on the beach
3. I did some office-type jobs involving Internet banking

And absolutely nothing else.

I didn't go to the pet shop and buy fish food and bird seed. I didn't make a casserole for dinner. I didn't take any photos of catkins, yellow gorse or pebbles, I didn't sign the stop the NHS privatisation plot petition*... No. Because that would ruin the rule of three

The kids went back to their 3 respective places of education today. It nearly went smoothly, except Joel missed his bus. I sent Tess off with strict instructions to stay away from poorly people. If someone gets ill again I'm not sure I could cope.

I love seeing crows on the beach. It's a bit weird, and I like weird things.

I'm getting the distinct impression there's a full moon tonight. I am a total lunatic and love the surge of brain stuff that happens around a full moon. I've been itching to write a blogpost all day but haven't found the time. My mind is bursting!

It was a bit less chilly today, which was nice.

*I might have though

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