By ThatCatLady

Double Exposure

This is a double exposure created in camera.   Earlier, I had been working on a design where I created an effect like this in Photoshop and it motivated me to attempt it for real with my camera.  I have a few more ideas like this which I want to play around with.  :)   I've been trying to find some creative photo ideas around the house now that we're in lockdown again. 

I know we are still allowed to go out for exercise but I feel really conflicted about using the car to go somewhere to walk with the camera as I think that goes beyond essential.  Even if I'm not going far, I can't help but think about what might happen if the car breaks down or (god forbid) if there's an accident.  My folks are telling me I'm being silly and overreacting but that's how my brain works!  Would I still think my journey was essential if other people/resources needed to come and help me? 

There are a couple of nice walks close to the house that we all use but they can be quite busy and frustrating when some others have no consideration for social distancing.  Then again, I'm sure it's much harder in bigger cities.  


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