Cambridge Dave's 2021

By CambridgeDave

Who on earth is this dedicated to?

I noticed this sculpture a few months back outside City House on Hills Road Railway Bridge in Cambridge. It may have been there much longer of course! I think it looks dreadful but this morning, I crossed over and took a closer look wondering who on earth it could be dedicated to as I'd found nothing specifically about it on Google beforehand except for this interesting link which shows it has a very intriguing history:

It has now been repainted and dedicated. A closer inspection failed to make a better impression on me, but perhaps I'm a bit of a philistine when it comes to sculpture. I've cropped out the very small plaque at the bottom  which provides the answer as to who it is dedicated. Any offers? Clue, he is a very well known public figure!

Updated clue number 1. He has strong Scottish links
Updated clue number 2: Enjoys spending time in Norfolk

We now have a winner: Snapjax. The Duke of Edinburgh was the Chancellor of the University. Not much of a likeness and not sure if is aware of the dedication!

See here:

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