Robin at large

By Robin

Essential Journey

Some of the pavements in my area are covered with what looks like compacted ice and do not appear attractive for walking. In fact I might take a car to get to the end of the road. Instead I went by car to the beach where I thought there would be little or no ice. Not sure if this journey is permitted by the regulations, judging by the number of cars parked along the beach road I think it must be. Although it hardly seems to be "essential".

There was certainly less ice, though at one point another walker warned me about ice on the path, suggesting I walk on the grass instead.

The sun could not quite make it through a thin layer of cloud. The picture is taken as a ship enters the harbour. The ship is just about to pass behind the Silver Darling restaurant.

I was some distance away and the lens has distorted the perspective,  making the man appear very large in comparison to the ship. This was my reason for choosing this photo ahead of any of the many other pictures I took of the waves. It was high tide, and the sea looked quite rough.

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