By suehutton

Behind Bars

Another day at Hagley Road, Birmingham, for Len's medical trial. While I have been grateful to hospitals for getting me 'sorted,' I inevitably feel trapped behind bars and can't get out soon enough.

It rained all day with a murky mist that got thicker as we drove west. We printed out the confirmation of appointment to show to police if we were challenged. Not an officer in sight.

And we had Basil with us. Difficult to arrange dog care when you can't visit other people. In the end, it was fine because I wasn't needed today. So Basil and I walked round the car park a couple of times and I took photos.

At Tamworth Services, which we had to enter for the loo, I took a phone photo of a man without a mask. He couldn't believe I'd done that. 'I held the door open for you,' he said, to which I replied, 'You're not wearing a mask.'

Officious bitch that I am.

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