By Ingleman


I have not had a very exciting day and feel a bit like a cheat, trying to justify taking a photo to justify my existence. How strange is that? Dr Strange, I was never much good at chemistry or physics, it wasn't my forte. It is fair to say I have more of an interest in such things now that I am (a lot) older and am fascinated by the elements and forces of nature that forged and formed the lump of rock that we live upon, and are doing our best to destroy by way of corruption, desecration and exploitation. I would be a danger in a laboratory, it's as much as I can do to open a can of paint without getting it on everything but the surface I am supposed to be painting. Me, dabbling with toxic and explosive materials in an enclosed space, doesn't bear thinking about.

I think I'll stick to Photoshop for my dabbling, it's easier to correct my mistakes, and invent new creations with no risk to my mustache, my eyebrows or my wife's soft furnishings.

** lots of stars, and hearts, and lovely comments on recent blips. Thank you for taking the time, much appreciated*

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