By the Library

After work a trip to drop some new slippers off for mum and to see how she is getting on. She is doing fine despite been bored. The slippers are not suitable as they are to tight for her to get her feet in due to the design will try to see if I can swap them .In other news she has had her stiches removed and has a big scare near her shoulder which surprised me as I didn't know that is where they put the pacemaker with wires then going down to the heart. 
After leaving a quick walk to try and find a blip , difficult to do at the moment due to the weather and not been able to go far. I decided on this shot of the university Library as I like the way it looks with the lights on in the dark and the reflection. I have blipped it before . It is situated in the old railway warehouse.
Back home in the warm and chilling 

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