In the absence of another photo

Busy day. Much on the phone. A friend involved with an eye charity recommended an optician who could do the visual field test locally. Called and got an appointment for tomorrow at 4:30 :)

Cost £40. No problem but as a matter of principle called to check DVLAa would pay. As I expected they will only cover me for the Specsavers 25 miles away. Nice young man, I requested and got an email address to complain.

As a matter of principle don’t see why the customer has to pay for something which would otherwise be free if it was available here. But it isn’t as the Specsavers here has opted out re Covid.

Spoke to Aldi about my smashed glass delivery. Got through immediately. Very polite and friendly young lady took all the information. Said it will be refunded within a couple of weeks.

So today was a relative success. Thankfully.

Rest of the day eating or chatting to relatives and friends on the phone. And made a barley and lentil soup which my eye friend had recommended.

Off to do some work at the Mac now.

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