By MarilynParker

Miserable day!

It has rained non-stop today, again. I had a bit of  a walk around Tesco grounds and our Rugby League stadium and got soaked through despite my waterproof coat and an umbrella. I discovered my boots leak as well!
Terry did our main shopping and said he didn't see anyone in the store without a mask today, which is good.
It looked like vaccinations were taking place at the stadium.
Depressing day re the weather and then I've just seen a "desperate plea" from our local hospital (Whiston), where I used to work, as they have the most covid cases they ever had all through the pandemic and they filled a covid ward in one day. I have a lot of friends and former colleagues at this hospital and I know they are struggling. 
I don't know if some of these heedless covid unbelievers realise that when hospitals are full staff have to prioritise who to treat! Maybe they should let that sink in. I don't suppose they will pay any attention to that either though as they still think the hospitals are empty.
Feeling more concerned every day.

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