By Bevan


= compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one's power to punish or harm. We are being asked to show benevolence, forgiveness, and kindness toward a political party that would destroy our democracy.!

We are being asked to understand the Republican corporatocracy. I will quote my friend and fella blipper Simisue, "The GOP has been dishonest, criminals since at least Nixon era. They have no conscience, no loyalty to their country.
Power hungry & treacherous. Voter suppression all over the country, Exhibit A. They will do anything to stay in power."

The right-wing is a coalition of the "corporatocracy" who would easily, happily (right now) ruin the country for their own financial and political gain while fighting AGAINST climate change legislation, BLM, immigration, COVID relief, at the same time FOR more tax cuts for the rich and worst of all FOR TRUMP!.  Many of them had the audacity today during the impeachment vote to call for UNITY. and a vote not to impeach!  Hypocrites!!!  

We are truly at a flexion point, critical point, in our nation's history.  I am sad, worried, fearful, tired.  Can you imagine how the people felt during the early 20th century with a World War and a pandemic?  Well, the USA has one out of two; and I fear Civil War is not far off.

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