creative lenna

By creativelenna

Lightning and the quilt

It's continued to be cold here in FL -to us! I even grabbed the small quilt you see here when Steve and I went out in our boat. I was glad I did. With the wind blowing it was quite brisk out. We were not out long before we turned around, went back home and started a fire in the chiminea stove!

I used the quilt in the boat and in front of the fire, but when we headed in for dinner, I threw it on the chair inside... Soon afterwards our cat Lightning found it and settled in for a nap for the night! This is my isolation quilt that I started in April and finished in August 2020 with help and quidance from @friedaquilter ( look at #quilts ). Frieda gave us a block pattern each day for 100 days following her "ColourMix" pattern.

This was my 2nd quilt and it was a fabulous experience! It is wonderful to continue enjoying this quilt, especially while finishing my 3rd one. ;O )

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