Two steps forward...

By stevvi

The Dressmaker

Mug of coffee in hand, I was sitting in the dark looking at Blip this morning wondering what the hell I was going to photograph as it was raining, and the forecast was for rain all day. Up comes one of RobBris50’s early morning shots so I decide to get out and do the deed in the rain before it got light.

I had a go at the butcher’s but there was too much stuff in the way for a decent shot so I to just hung about in the rain (jogging on the spot to get my exercise, of course!) outside this shop with the naked half mannequins. Not many people walk by at that time of the morning, and when they do they don’t actually do much except trudge miserably forwards, which makes for an incredibly boring photo! Eventually this guy and his dog walk by. OK… it’s not that interesting but I think his get up is quite “unique” for walking the dog, I like the positioning of them and the dog kindly looked back for me. Blip sorted, I went back home to dry off. Praise be for the weather sealing on my equipment!

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