By Ridgeback13


Another quiet desk day, with last interview that we started yesterday and a video consultation with the physio at local sports injury clinic suggested by Arclight and hazelh following discussions about my achey hip. Bit weird to be doing various movements on the floor or standing whilst trying to angle the camera for her to see me, but useful discussion. She thinks I need to strengthen my glutes so emailed me a set of simple exercises to do a couple of times every day and hopefully they will help me walk further which is about the only exercise other than cycling that I enjoy. Feeling hopeful!
Nipped out to the post office to send off all the family Christmas presents, but otherwise just ploughing on through my To Do list. All seems to be progressing well.
Chatted to AR who was very proud of receiving a special achievement award from her teacher today, even though she wasn’t 100% sure what she’d done to deserve it! Tried to get advice from Mt about email syncing trouble I’m having and deleted then reinstalled mail on each different device which seems to have helped, but otherwise a quiet evening watching more of Scandal.

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