But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

From Bilston Viaduct.

I was watching an instructive video the other evening where two noted landscape photographers were discussing tips on the genre that had been sent in by their followers. There was one rather prescriptive one about always using the “Manual” mode which annoyed a few people, including myself but, there were also some useful ones such as, “Don’t forget your camera!” It seems that it is not unheard of for photographers to pick up their camera bag without checking the bleedin’ obvious. However, my favourite was, “Don’t take your wife/husband/partner (delete as appropriate)!” Which is easier said than done.
We took my camera for its compulsory daily exercise in the warm afternoon light of the day and Mrs TD was (only a little) annoyed with me for insisting that we walked a hundred yards or so off course to the middle of the Bilston Viaduct and waste a few minutes trying some different compositions. I didn’t try including “foreground interest” which I usually find translates as “foreground distraction” though I might return and include some of the viaduct structure to frame the rather nebulous subject.
Herself complained of being tired during the evening, probably due to that extra hundred yards.

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