a high country...


in the mountains

ended me up - at a beautiful sight - where light played with shadows - and shades in the trees - as clouds passed by - making it appear as - though there was gold - in those mountains set off - by a back drop - of more mountains highlighted - in the whiteness of snow

for a moment - it took my breath away - reminding me i - am but a speck in - this great big universe - which abba has created - for my ongoing delight - for moments just like - this very one - when time stands still - and the absolute silliness - in the rest of the world - are far away and have little meaning - to me for they - have no significance in the grand - scheme of eternity - not when compared to the greatness - of what my savior did - for me on the cross

so in light of that - i looked at the scene - before me feeling energized - and encouraged by a love - only creation and the creator - can give and knew it had been...


happy day.....

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