By kirstymill


I walked up Calton Hill this afternoon. I haven't been up for a while and certainly not since the top was put onto the new St James Shopping Centre (or rather the hotel attached to it). I've been seeing it on the skyline from various angles and was interested to see if it really did dominate Calton Hill as much as it seemed to. And it really does. It's possibe to see why it has been nicknamed the 'golden turd' (or more politely the 'walnut whip')!

I must admit that I'm not a fan. I like good and interesting architecture but this just .... isn't (in my opinion at least!). And it sits on the edge the World Heritage Site of Edinburgh Old and New Towns. I'm constantly amazed that it got planning permission. But there it is. It's there and we're stuck with it. I guess we'll get used to it in time.

Despite that, the view was lovely as always from the top of Calton Hill. There's still a little bit of snow on the hills to the south and the low sun made for quite a dramatic vista (see extra). All in all a wee jaunt up Calton Hill helped to blow away some cobweds. Nice to be out, even for a short while.

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