Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101


Sunday 17th January 2021                    (backblip)

We got our walk 'up the road' this afternoon ....... it was dry though the morning's sunshine had become rather more intermittent :-)

We climbed up onto the bank to see how high the river was ...... not a comforting sight ...... it was rather high as you can see from the above image!

It is already at a similar level as last time we were under Flood Alert & now there is a storm forecast for Tuesday/Wednesday with heavy rainfall ..... it is possible that we could have some flooding ..... not a comforting thought but fingers crossed!

We also saw some lovely heather blooming ....... it seems rather early & there weren't any bees about to enjoy it .... it looked very pretty so have added it as an Extra :-)

Stay safe everyone :-)

Sorry run out of time today (Monday) to finish catching up .... will catch you all tomorrow! Please bear with me :-)

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