By LooseCanon

Back to school

I have been using Autodesk Fusion 360 for designing parts for 3D printing for about a year.   It's a really complex program but I thought I had taught myself how to use it OK with the help of Youtube videos.   However, I decided that I needed some proper training and enrolled on an online course.

Today was day one and it was amazingly good and I learnt an enormous amount (including unlearning a lot of bad habits)

This was one of the test pieces we worked on.  Don't ask me what it is - I am sure an engineer out there will enlighten me.   I was amazed how much simpler the whole process was when done properly.   I just hope I can remember it all.   The course lasts 3 days so I'm expecting to be an expert at the end.   It's a bit nerdy but good fun.

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