By TynvdB

Dear Friends

Thankyou for your condolences, your support, your attentiveness and of course your patience. Its been a long time since my DearLove Willemien died all of a sudden.
Almost seven months ago  we lost her and  I know that for you too it came as  a shock. Many of you have told me how much she is missed by you. I will not repeat here what we, Mischa&Dolf&I, and all of you have been through. Each of us will remember this in silence. No need for description now. With some of you, mostly my very old friends we had frequent and intense conversations on the process of mourning. On the Phone, Facetiming on Whapsapp and scarcely via email.
And then there is this exceptional Corona-regime. Again, for most of you with very different consequences. But anyhow, there remains this ongoing underground existential threat of getting lethally infected. Something Willemien really could not bear.  This pandemic enhanced her lifelong deep anxiety. Even at home she could feel haunted by panic and she will be in Peace , not at home but in Paradise(Schwitters).
First and formost I want to thank all of Willemiens/Admirers Blipfriends. Please grant me some more time to communicate with you in a more personal way. By reading your journals and where I can by commenting and reacting. Many of you, I will never know in the way Admirer did. But that was her great Blipperformance. I may grow anew into my own Blipway.
I will never match that level of photographic technique and dialogical expertise that She has shown us all so magnificently and…at the same time so playfull, inventivve and funny. That has been Her way. I pray to find the courage I need to remake my interactive Blipcontribution. To shorten my monological journals and take a step into visit ing your journal, commenting your, Photo of the day.
But please, as you will understand, I need more time. I will make my little babysteps, but not all at once. Finally, I want to express my special gratefulness to Danksound, Pipersmom, Pkln, AngelsShare, Larchlea, Hibou, Creativelenna, Cheeryoscuro, Friedaquilter, Turned65, Dollydevonmix, Stuart45, Inkface, Honeycombebeach, MariB, HIC, mischa, and You who I forgot to mention here, not only for keeping on to follow my journal so steadily. But especially for these heartfull loving words, comments and congrats  I have been so happy to read on my Blippage. Thankyou, Dear Friends, I promise to do my best in reaching out to you.
Have A Good Night!

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