Cambridge Dave's 2021

By CambridgeDave

Dawn of a New Era?

This 'photo of a photo' is from Pete Souza's remarkable book: 'Obama: An Intimate Portrait'. Souza was Obama's official photographer throughout his Presidency  and you can see his work here on his Instagram account:

Souza's photographs are simply stunning. An outstanding practitioner 'at the top of his game'. His documentary, 'The Way I see It' is also worth catching.

Biden appears in many photos in the book but I found this one especially poignant. It was taken on October 21st 2015. Obama is helping VP Biden to write his announcement that he will not be standing for the Presidency in 2016. I wish him well as he assumes Office today facing the biggest challenges to confront an American President since Roosevelt in March 1933 at the time of the Great Depression. 'The Dawn of a New Era'? Time will tell.

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