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By Diane2104

More indoor messing about

Lockdown 3.0  Day #16

It has now rained for the past 36 hours and everywhere is completely sodden, but I am very thankful that we don't live somewhere that floods. There are many parts of the country that are experiencing both melting snow and 2-3 months of rainfall at the same time with real risks of homes being flooded again. 

Needless the say we did not venture out, even to the garden (good job I emptied the kitchen caddy yesterday!), so it was another indoor blip. 
This time I was messing about with spices from the cupboard. I have to admit I've seen this sort of a set up before so just decided to try it. Not sure it was entirely successful, but as it's time for Winterwatch it'll have to do. 
My Gardener's World magazine dropped onto the doormat today, so I have read that cover to cover and realised how much we have to do in the garden. If only the rain would stop.....maybe tomorrow? 

Edit: Just looked outside and we have SNOW(extra)! I wasn't expecting that!

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