By rainie


Our cylinder is leaking, first noticed a wet patch on our carpet a couple of days ago and not really near the cylinder.  
Yesterday we got the plumbers out to try and fine the cause, thinking the dishwasher or even the kitchen sink.  But nothing was leaking there.  The most crazy, frustrating and annoying thing is our designer/builder put the cylinder behind a wall in the walk-in pantry, dumb eh?
So yesterday and into the evening we emptied 2/3 of the shelves, then unscrewed the joinery and tried to remove the joinery from the pantry.  It nearly killed us, Doug fell off the ladder, I tried to break his fall...any rate we got three of the four units out, but the fourth we just can’t manage.  The kitchen, dining table, benches and floors are stacked with all our pantry stuff.  What a nightmare......(you may have noticed that I didn’t write much in my journal yesterday, that is the reason) .  This morning the plumber returned as he could now get to the cylinder, and confirmed that it is leaking, since then the wooden kitchen floor is oozing water up the cracks.  The cylinder won’t be replaced until Monday at the earliest as has to be courier to Timaru.  *large and loud sigh*.
This morning I went to the beach and took some photos, this is one of them.  My favourite local dereliction jetty remains. 
I read Abstract Thursday is waves, so will tag it, but it’s not really abstract as I know it.  However, it’s not as ones sees waves either. 

Around lunch time I had a fabulous and lengthy FaceTime with one of my grandsons in Wanaka.  Made my day :) 


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