LD 304 On my way , but not to Arran

I drove down to Ayrshire this morning for Kay Ullrich's funeral - a sad occasion but with a fluent, brave , moving , emotional eulogy delivered by Kay's daughter Shelley which was absolutely true to the spirit of a wonderful friend and colleague .

Kay had  - absolutely typically -  left words of her own to be read at the end of the service that reminded us all that life was indeed a cabaret, to be enjoyed and just  to emphasise the point the song also featured on the order of service and was played as we departed. 

Kay was always brim full of life and I was glad that my picture of her from her 70th birthday  (which I blipped that day ) was used too - I know she liked it and it did seem to capture so much of her charm, vitality and directness.

Both images can be seen as my extra photos today but my main image came from when I stopped for a few minutes in Ardrossan  on my way to the crematorium in Dreghorn because I was slightly early .

The picture is of the Isle of Arran ferry, called the Isle of Arran,  coming into the harbour from Arran.  

The washed out colours appealed to me as much as the slightly melancholy  reminder it gave me that our normal lives are in suspension and that even when they aren't some things will have changed for ever including my frequent Cal Mac ferry journeys which probably won't come back as I retire in just 10 weeks or so.    

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