By AnneILM60

A glimmer of light

Things started out with some sun and a forecast of only 20% chance of rain. I started priming the shelves as the chipping sparrows visited the feeders.

I made a quick trip to Hudson’s to get a 10-24 square nut I needed for the shelves and was told that as well as the peanut suet they now have a berry suet. Of course I had to buy some. On the way home the rain began. Ugh!

No great downpours just light rain here and there; enough to keep me from painting or working in the garden. Frustrating.

So this was a good time for me to spend doing cost and service comparisons that Kent wanted me to do for him. It was confusing and sometimes difficult to get clear answers so now understood why Kent asked me to undertake the task. Took me all afternoon to get a small amount of information.

Stay home if you can and take care of yourself and each other xx

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