Props & Rambles

By aclayton


(CW: Mental Health)

Woo, I managed six days before managing to not post again for another month...

Normally I'd call that a failure, but a lot has been happening so I'll cut myself some slack.

Today I didn't manage to do a whole lot. However I did manage to drag myself to the shower at around 2pm, before proceeding to sit on the end of my bed in my dressing gown and think too much - which is where this photo comes in, summing up my version of the last month we've all had to get through...

After all that I called a friend I haven't seen for five years (which was so lovely) and finished the jigsaw puzzle I currently have on the go. So all in all, I would say a pretty okay day.

I probably won't keep up the posting every day, but I'll try when I can (and I have a whole load of back-blipping to do!).

Hope everyone is safe in the new lockdown and that you all had a lovely Christmas and New Year.


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