By Porkybrown

Ratcliffe Power Station

Another trip today to Sawley delivering groceries and prepared meals to Deborah's parents. Ratcliffe, we believe, is not 'on stream' every day but it was certainly puffing today. It will be the last coal plant left in England by 2025, I read, to be replaced by an incinerator burning rubbish. It won't quite dominate the landscape in the same way!

I had a wander down to the Trent whilst D took her dad to a doctor's appointment. Needless to say, the river was high, having breached it's banks in several places. The heron in the extra is perched on a gate and a bench I sometimes sit on beside the river was actually in it today.

The power of the flow of water would have driven a hydro-electric station today, I reckon  - who needs coal?!

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