A journey through Zogland

By Zog


The day started with a trip to the docs to find out that amongst other things, I'd lost 2kg over the last 6 months. A good start! The rest of the day went well and I got down on my knees at the end of work to take this shot of a bramble leaf and a really sharp thorn with the late sun shining through them. Little did I know that I had dropped my phone, my reading glasses, my fancy mechanical pencil and my fountain pen. I know, I shouldn't stuff my shirt pocket and I should be more careful. Got home, realised I'd dropped my phone and the rest. Had to high tail it back to work to search the undergrowth for said items. After some frantic scrabbling around, I found them all in a neat pile among the bramble leaves. Altogether, not a bad day, and the sun shone all the time.


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