We did not have fresh snow overnight but there was a heavy frost so everything glittered this morning. 

We had a visit from Cali this morning with our weekly shopping and she also brought us lunch...... home cooked sausage rolls made with walnut pastry and leftover sausage stuffing from Christmas.  They were delicious.....and we had a nice doorstop chat with her to catch up.  I do miss our coffee outings and having her indoors, but she is very careful.

After lunch we headed up to Calderglen.  Last time we were there it was very quiet, but it was really busy today, particularly at the childrens' swing park.  It was difficult to remain at a distance, so we didn't stay long, and had a wee drive along the farm road instead.  The country roads were also busy, people are out and about a lot and doing a lot of walking, which is great but hard to find a quiet spot.

Home for coffee and a chocolate biscuit, what's not to like?

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