The Red Baron

I was outside at 7:30 this morning and began clearing all the old canna lily debris out of the circular garden. Then applied a coat of paint to the shelves.

Onto the front yard and clearing all the old gladioli debris from the square garden. Then I began picking up all the tiny crepe myrtle shoots that have been on the ground since they were cut back. They have been driving me crazy

I got a coat of paint on my shelves and they were drying in the sun.

Kent arrives home and begins some serious yard clean up in the front corner again and I’m put on garden fire duty for a couple of hours.

It was then a grocery store trip before a nice long shower.

I had spent a total of 6 hours outside and I was exhausted. While watching some TV I got the shelves put back together though and they look good.

When I finally crawled into bed and started to enter this blip, I fell fast asleep!

Stay home if you can and take care of yourself and each other xx

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