One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Cheap distractions for gullible children. Part 4

It does not take much to entertain kids.
They have that craving for entertainment deeply rooted inside them and it take the smallest of impetus to send them on their merry way to hours of fun (provided you change the activity every 17 minutes as their attention span does not go much beyond that...)
The only thing that really matters is to imitate the voice of the guys that record the children advertisements on Nickelodeon, and have the same manic enthusiasm as these floggers of cheap plastic toys.

Wow! Mimi, Luca! Look!!! Over there!!!! It's an EMPTY car park! Isn't this GREAT!!! You can run, and have fun and play chasing. And you know the best part? It is EMPTY!!! There are no cars!!! Come on, run!!! Chase!!! Jump!
Look at these arrows on the ground. There are not arrows. They are ROCKETS!!! You can sit on them and pretend that you are ROCKET PILOTS!!! Isn't this GREEEEEAT?!?!

Excellent, now, try not injure each other because you know that it makes Mum upset and I'll be back in 17 minutes. I'll see if the new set of tyres has been fitted by that careless lazy bunch from that misnamed car tyres chain (I think Speedy also do exhausts but I would not care to repeat the experience...)

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