Schoolhouse Wood crossroads above Munlochy, mostly illuminated by moonlight, with a bit of LED torch waved over the foreground and road signs. Light pollution from the Inverness streetlights, about six miles away.

Darned cold out there late at night, but no-one else mad enough to be about at that hour (and temperature), so no Coronavirus worries. Came up here about a week ago, and was shocked to find that the wood that had been here below the crossroads had vanished. Must have last come this way during the previous lockdown, so a good few months.

The road signs have had a little attention since then too, as they'd still looked like this.

Earlier, uploaded about 75 back-Blips from the 2019 year of B&W film. Some reasonable progress, at last. Done up to mid May, but need to scan/photograph some more films, and there's digital extras to add too.

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