By Frommotherearth

Not the best pic...

This certainly isn't the best of fox images but as I'm trying to improve my journaling I though I would upload one of about a dozen pics today.

I don't go out to take pictures of foxes but if one turns up I will have a go and that's probably why most of my fox images are pretty mediocre. To be honest I see them as a subject that to get the best of would need some planning and effort in execution and most of that I dedicate to other subjects.

This youngster caught my attention today limping away after an altercation with another fox. My camera was firmly stashed in my bag and by the time I got it out he had seen me had a little look and them limped off.

I was happy that he was unmolested by humans and seemingly living his life as happily as foxes get to.

I think at some time in the future I would like to dedicate more time and effort to this remarkable animal.

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