By simisue


Angus & I walked a different way today & passed this trail, that connects to others I have posted. Just the other day a neighbor told me she saw 4 deer exiting here & crossing the street. I was astonished because I walk every day in this area, & have never seen a single deer.

Today felt like a crisp Spring day, with a bright blue sky & a chill in the air. We had a frost last night, which is very unusual; but, I did not see any damage to tropical plants in the area.

My son sent me a seed starting kit & I am hoping to grow milk weed for the Monarch butterflies & giant dill for the Swallowtail butterflies. My past efforts have been a complete failure, but maybe this time will work. My neighbor is also growing seedlings & we are going to trade.

This chilly Spring-like day feels full of promise....

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