By MsQuizzical

Snow Therapy

We had a lovely Top Field dogwalk with my daughter this morning. On the way home it started to snow. Tim Peake was on Desert Island Discs and I was enjoying the programme so much that when we got home Ollie and I sat in the cosy Volvo on the drive listening to it as the fat snowflakes fell silently down.

I decided to pop to Lodge Farm to get some whiteout pics before lunch. Ollie dog and I were quite exhilarated by the beauty and differentness of it. Two women walked out of the snow flurries grinning broadly. We discussed what a lift the snow had given us after the sameness of lockdown.

As we returned to the car we met the above couple who seemed loved up by the snow. They told me how much they were enjoying their walk in it. Then we saw a man striding with a huge smile on his face doing a sort of jazz hands thing. He greeted me with, "What fun!"

A woman on the BBC news expressed similar feelings about being out in the snow. It has been a tonic to us all.

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