Robin Robin

They were heavily eating the holly berries again today.  Here is one outside the kitchen window as it snows.  The birdbath and feeders were occupied with robins, starlings, and sparrows, when suddenly they all flew off.  A red-tailed hawk flew into the largest hemlock tree.  I couldn't get a decent shot of him with it snowing so hard at that point.

I went for a walk with a new walking acquaintance, DF, who I met as she passed our house one day.  It's great to have company walking even though I enjoy my solo walks as well.

The extra contains a collage of Chester that I made for our friend who  felted his beloved mouse.  So far, from clicker training, he's learned the following commands: off, no, down, up, sit, and stay.  He loves training because of the treats he gets.  He also likes to keep busy when he's not sleeping.  I still have many more YouTube videos to go, so boot camp will continue!

Thanks for the stars, hearts, and comments on yesterday's cardinal!  Hope your week starts well.  x

Robin Robin

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