About forty years old, albeit not used much over the past quarter century, to the extent that when I picked it up to put it on last year, was amazed at how heavy and stiff it was. At that time, I hadn't worn it at all for fifteen years.

Had to throw out a helmet of similar vintage, after finding the foam lining under the fabric had all perished. It explained the lack of comfort and mysterious muck that kept appearing. I'd thought the comfort issue was due to the lack of natural covering up top these days, and took to wearing a fleecy bunnet under the helmet. Much cosier for this oldie too, replacing the insulation.

Need to give that old leather some attention. There's other gear too - boots, gloves, waterproof over-suit and the infamous tax rebate splurge item. Doubt I'll still squeeze into that. It'll be a few months before I venture forth on the motorised two wheels.

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