This morning we watched the rest of the film whilst having breakfast. I can't remember what else we had done but time flew and we hadn't even got up yet.

We got some lunch, bused it to town (smelliest bus I've ever been on. I got a headache and in the end could help but put my scarf over my face) and walked the other way along the beach. We walked to Poole, stoping at Alum Chines tropical gardens for lunch. What a treat... the tropical gardens were magnificent, there were real life pansies and a mini palm tree. Rosie bought a yogurt without a spoon so fashioned one out of foil.

We carried on walking, when we turned round to come back it somehow got freezing cold and we pretty much died the whole way back. I then dropped my hat in the sea. We eventually made it back into town and went a got a drink. We did a tad bit of shopping whilst making our way back to the station.

Rosie got the train home. Sad times. Even though it was SO nice to see her.

I went to Asda and got a bit too over enthusiastic with buying things. I got grumpy on the way home as it was all so heavy. It did mean I had the best dinner ever. Fajitas with homemade guacamole and lactose free cheese (such a treat), an Innis and Gunn and a triple choc cookie... with a bit of Call the Midwife.

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