Today has been ridiculously hot, we’ve been in the mid to high 30’s all day, peaking at 38° and staying there for hours, even now well into the evening it’s still 32°.  
We’re not coping, just not used to these temperatures.

Before I could get assertive on the phone the plumbers arrived with the shiny new cylinder.  Took them all morning to install, then we had to wait for an electrician to wire things up again.  By that time I was pretty much over everything, but had to spend an hour (mostly just waiting) to speak to our insurance company.  Hopefully tomorrow the claims assessor will come and we can start to get things sorted.  One thing I’m pretty sure is our wooden floors will need to be replaced.  They’ve lifted and gone rather soft in places. Carpet I think should be ok, but we won’t know until it’s lifted.  So we will continue to be living in this mess for some time to come it seems. 
It seemed appropriate to blip the boys bringing in the new cylinder. 

My momma and baby from yesterday has been popular, so many lovely comments, stars and hearts.  Thrilled as I was chuffed to capture them.  Thank you so very much. 
And, our little girl starts school tomorrow. We had a fun FaceTime this afternoon, playing the game Headband...anyone know of it.


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