By Doyley22


......Rocky Bay, North Fremantle style.  They arrived early and left late.  I'm sure they all have headaches and perhaps a touch of sunburn.  I hope they enjoyed themselves.  
Today marks the day in 1788 when the First Fleet arrived in New South Wales and we've celebrated the day since.  

I've added a few photos from Albany, I've not taken so few photos in Albany as this trip :( 
1. Fishermen's Wharf;
2. Pelicans catching the remnants of a fish following filleting;
3. Pelican coming in to land on the Pylon;
4. One of the ten shots I captured while out on the Whale Watch on the Southern Ocean last Wednesday.  Not the best but hey I have a shot.  :))
5. One of the many planes flying over our place today.
6. A sleeping Sophia after time spent on the water with her dad and friends today.  I thought it such a cute photo.

I can't thank you enough for putting up with my lack of commenting etc. while I was in Albany - golf interferes with photography and photography interferes with golf.  

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