Marking Time

By Libra

Hair today

It snowed in the night but by lunchtime the thaw had set in and soon the little nuthatch was back demanding food. (See extra).

A year ago we had only just begun to hear of a strange virus emanating from China believed to have originated in bats.
Today the Prime Minister announced a death toll of 100,000 with more to come.

 The first lockdown had sense of adventure to it, a novel experience with folk worrying about missing their hairdressing appointments. And the social media were full of tips on cutting your hair. 
Now in our third lockdown we have grown weary. 
We have all found our own solutions to the hair problem. I look around my friends and see some have decided to grow it, others to let it return to its natural colouring and others, like myself, have embraced DIY  home hairdressing.  The result is far from satisfactory but in this self-isolating masked existence we live in it matters little .
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