By simisue

ADIANTUM: Maidenhair Fern

This is the first time I have had a MAIDENHAIR FERN in a very long time,
for a variety of reasons.  I recieved one as a gift, so I am curious about this genus.  

ADIANTUM is a genus of 250 varieties that are native to a variety of
places, including North & South America (the Andes Mountains!) & New Zealand.  There is even a Maidenhair Fern native to California.

The beautiful, feathery foliage has light green compound fronds with
TINY leaflets.  They are usually grown as house plants & are
notoriously difficult to keep alive.  Years ago I was smitten, but soon discouraged by how quickly they could wither.  Maybe my luck has changed.  It is a new millennium...


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